Book Chapters

Yichen Ruan, L. Zheng, M. Gorlatova, M. Chiang and C. Joe-Wong, The Economics of Fog Computing: Pricing Tradeoffs for Data Analytics, Fog and Fogonomics: Challenges and Practices of Fog Computing, Networking, Strategy and Economics, Wiley, 2018.


Best Poster ⭐ Marie Siew, Shoba Arunasalam, Yichen Ruan, Ziwei Zhu, Lili Su, Stratis Ioannidis, Edmund Yeh, Carlee Joe-Wong, Fair Training of Multiple Federated Learning Models on Resource Constrained Network Devices, IPSN 2023.


Yichen Ruan, Carlee Joe-Wong, FedSoft: Soft Clustered Federated Learning with Proximal Local Updating, AAAI 2022. [PDF]

Yichen Ruan, Xiaoxi Zhang, Carlee Joe-Wong, How Valuable Is Your Data? Optimizing Device Recruitment in Federated Learning, WiOpt 2021.

Yichen Ruan, Xiaoxi Zhang, Shu-Che Liang and Carlee Joe-Wong, Towards Flexible Device Participation in Federated Learning, AISTATS 2021. [PDF]

Yichen Ruan and Carlee Joe-Wong, On the Economic Value of Mobile Caching, IEEE INFOCOM 2020. [PDF][ACM SIGMETRICS Poster]

Yuwei Tu, Yichen Ruan, Satyavrat Wagle, Christopher G. Brinton and Carlee Joe-Wong, Network-Aware Optimization of Distributed Learning for Fog Computing, IEEE INFOCOM 2020. [PDF]